About us

AiPro is a consultant company which helps you to sell your industrial products and services to Turkish Market.

Since 2013, we assisted many international organizations to kickstart their sales activities in the region.


We can work as your consultant, sales partner or data provider depending on your needs.

Our core value is to be involved with your sales activities from beginning to the end, with a realistic approach and actual progress. 


Our freelance consultants are industrial sales professionals with remarkable background and direct connections to your target customers. They can connect you to the right person, right away, making it possible to have an effective meeting and getting all key information that you are looking for. 


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"Let us assist your sales team"

  • Heavy Industries  Oil & Gas. Iron & Steel. Cement. Mining, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper,

  • Food & Beverage

  • Renewable Energy Solar PV

  • Electrical Vehicle Charging

  • Water & Waste Water Treatment

  • HVAC